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Robotic-Assisted Surgery

We are excited to offer Yomi-Enabled Surgery! Yomi empowers our dental team to provide you with personalized, precise patient care. Yomi assists in planning and placing your implants providing Dr. Lyford with robotic guidance during surgery. This helps place your implant precisely for a natural look and feel.


What role does Yomi play in my procedure?

Yomi gives us important information on your teeth and jaws. This helps plan dental surgery treatment that is personalized to you. Yomi guides Dr. Lyford to achieve the plan he has laid out for you allowing Dr. Lyford adapt the plan for your individual patient care needs.

Is robotic assistance new?

Robotic assistance is the new standard of care in medicine and used to help over one million patients every year. Yomi is the first and only system for dental surgery robotic guidance in the United States.   The founders were two of the principal engineers to develop the revolutionary RIO system for robotic guided orthopedics.

Does Yomi replace my dental surgeon?

No, Yomi does not replace your dental surgeon. Yomi gives Dr. Lyford helpful assistance. Dr. Lyford holds onto and directs the Yomi instruments combining his skill with the benefits of robotic surgery.

What can I expect with Yomi surgery?

Dr. Lyford will create a custom treatment plan with Yomi software if Yomi is right for you. During surgery Yomi will assist Dr. Lyford and provide important information that he can feel, hear and see.

We are here to discuss all individual treatment options – we will look at your medical and dental history and recommend the best option for you.

To determine if you are a candidate for Robot-Assisted Implant Surgery