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Thursday, August 27, 2020 8:24 PM
Subject: Patient Request for Appointment: Referred by ADA’s Find-a-Dentist

“Hi Dr. Lyford, It’s Keith. We just spoke on the phone. Thanks for the phone call. I left something out because it was too much. Minutes before you called, I was in tears telling my wife that I hadn’t felt this great in so long and I JUST HAD NEEDLES IN MY GUMS AND DRILLING IN MY TOOTH AND WHATEVER ELSE today…and i feel NOTHING. It’s been over 10 months. I can’t even believe it. I know I’ll probably be a little sore tomorrow but the treatment I had was 9 hours ago at this point…the Novocain wore off 3 hours ago. I don’t even know what to say. I’ve seen 5 dentists in the past 10, 11 months. I was losing hope. Literally. Here’s to hoping we keep moving in this direction. Thank you. Thank you. I think very highly of you and your staff. Thank you. I finally feel hopeful.”

“Thank you for being the best dentist ever! Your exceptional care for my child during a recent dental emergency was absolutely amazing. You relieved the anxiety and pain, providing the best possible solution. On a regular basis, we know how very fortunate we are to have you as our family’s dentist. We appreciate your intellect, your thoughtful, thorough approach and your excellent staff, too. Thanks for all you are and all you do for others! You are awesome!”

“This is the CADILLAC of dentistry. What an unbelivable caring Dentist. Always cares and learns new techniques. He listens and the staff is lovely. My husband had to go to an oral surgeona and on his day off he went to the other office and checked on him. He is amazing and extremely thoughtful. My daughter plays sports and just got her braces off. He made her a custom sports mouthguard. WHO DOES THAT???? You feel like you are going to a relaxed spa when you go get any work done. HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!”

“Dr.Lyford and his complete staff are great at there job ! And duties ? Very impressive and can only say in just a couple of visits they have started a process that I will benefit and enjoy for my future years! In discovering this Dr, and his staff I cannot say enough thank you for the results and they have my total trust in there work and profession’s. I can only give praise and say if your in search of a Dentist and and Professional staff give them a test you will not be sorry you tried them.”

“Dr Lyford and his team provide the highest level of care and service possible. Their commitment to their patients simply cannot be matched, and doesn’t end at 5 PM on a weekday. I experienced tooth pain on a holiday weekend and not only was my call returned on a day they were closed, but Dr Lyford came into the office to see me on a Sunday- I don’t know any other dentists that would do this. I was so grateful! Everyone is always helpful, caring and very professional. I have been a patient for years and can’t imagine going anywhere else.”

“Highest Quality. Dr. Lyford provides the highest quality dental care that I have received from any dentists I have ever visited.”

“Great visit. Had a very relaxing visit to the dentist. Something I have never had before 🙂

“Great Dental Exam. A thorough yet entertaining dental exam. Good conversation and excellent care.”

“Simply the Best. As always, I was able to get all of the necessary work done with no pain or discomfort! I wouldn’t go anywhere else but to Dr. Lyford!”

“Best Dentist Ever. I have had gone to five dentist in my life. I have seen Dr. Lyford for the past 10 Years. He is the best Dentist I have ever had.”

“5 stars. I wish the clean process was as quick as having two teeth filled.”

“Temporary crown. I would give Dr. Lyford the highest review. Everyone in the office is friendly and accommadating. Dr. Lyford takes the utmost care in the patient’s comfort.”

“Root Canal Part Duex. Great service and good music.”

“Great service and I like how you have the digital xrays.”

“Easy as Pie. No problems, everyone was friendly. I’ve been to some bad dental offices so it’s always nice to visit this one…clean, friendly, nice.”

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