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Periodontal Scaling And Root Planing

Periodontal scaling is a procedure very similar to typical scaling during a routine oral hygiene visit, but it is also significantly different in the following ways:

  • Deep pockets exist around your teeth requiring deeper than normal scaling. They block vision into the tooth root structure. Small scaling devices (either manual or ultrasonic) will be placed carefully into the pockets and systematic smoothing of the tooth root surfaces will be performed. Debris that has collected on tooth surfaces will be removed along with diseased soft tissue.
  • This procedure (curettage) requires significant time and expertise. Usually only one or two segments of your mouth will be done on one appointment. Other appointments will be needed.
  • Your gums and teeth will be slightly uncomfortable for a few days, but they will gradually feel normal again, and you will be able to maintain oral hygiene much better.
  • Your gum tissue may shrink somewhat as it heals. This condition is desirable because it reduces the depth of the pocket and allows you to clean the areas better.
  • Periodontal scaling is the most conservative way to treat your periodontal disease. We look forward to slowing or stopping the disease with this procedure and will keep you advised of the status of your condition as it heals.


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