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Post Reinforcement For Weakened Teeth

You should review the information on endodontic treatment (root canals)  if you have not done so already.

Each tooth has one to four root canals. These are small, hollow channels in the tooth filled with nerves, blood vessels and soft tissue. When these become infected and require removal, a root canal filling is placed after careful enlargement of the root canal and removal of all the infected tissue.

However, root canal fillings are a rubber-like material called gutta percha. The material is not strong. If reinforcement is not placed within the tooth, the likelihood of the tooth breaking off at the gumline is high.

We plan to place a titanium or composite post in your tooth in the part of the root canal closest to the chewing surface of the tooth and extending partially into the root. The root end of the tooth will remain filled with the root canal filling. The post is cemented with a strong epoxy-like material that bonds the tooth together.

The “post and core” provided for you will allow an optimum potential for this tooth to continue to serve in your mouth for many years.