Kimberly, Registered Dental Hygienist

Kim is a graduate of the Quinsigamond Community College Dental Hygiene program. She started her career in 2002 as an Oral Surgery assistant before enrolling in school. Kim excels in patient education and scaling and root planing treatments. Oral Surgery remains a strong interest and she frequently assists Dr. Lyford in procedures and is studying to do her own laser treatments.

Kim lives with her fiancé and their two cats, Orin and Stachey. She is a passionate rock climber, hiker, and backpacker spending as much time as she can in the White Mountains. At home, she loves gardening and painting. She lives by the famous quote, “ IT IS BETTER TO BURN OUT THAN IT IS TO RUST,” doing all her favorite things.

What I like best about being part of The ART of Dentistry is that the best care is given, state-of-the-art technology allows better decision making and diagnosis, and it is extremely “COVID SAFE”. Dr. Lyford and I have similar approaches to dentistry and patient care. He is appreciative of my contributions and listens to my perspective which makes a huge difference in coming to work. Dr. Lyford is also a good teacher important because I thrive on education. We are a very collaborative team.

Additionally, having worked as an assistant and in oral surgery I saw many types of lesions or cancers and developed a good eye which enables me to speak to patients about their oral care beyond just cleaning their teeth. Listening and treating patients individually, practicing good health which is important to discussing good health with patients, and being honestly caring all factor in providing the best oral care.

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