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Referral To A Specialist

Dr. Lyford will recommend referral to a specialist when he thinks the patient is better served in a specialist’s office.  Oral surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, and orthodontists are often recommended to complete the required treatment.   With few exceptions, referral to a specialist is accomplished formally via written letter by Dr. Lyford to the specialist.

After consulting with you Dr. Lyford will outline a letter of referral to the specialist introducing you, relating any significant medical history, recent dental history, immediate concerns as well as any relevant radiographs or other clinical records that will help in diagnosis.   A copy will also be sent to you with a hand written note asking that you now contact the specialist for a consultation.

This format will ensure that time is used wisely, communication is clear, and you are better served.  Indeed, after your consultation with the specialist you may have questions for Dr. Lyford; therefore, we encourage you to call the office for discussion.  This has been both our philosophy and policy and has resulted in better care and more effective service for our patients.